07 November 2011

花蓮日之出民宿 BB Sunrise Minsu | Hualien Accomodation

花蓮日之出民宿 BB Sunrise Minsu was the top recommendation in TripAdvisor. Mum and I liked the girly country decorations in the minsu. No detail was spared, even light switches and the decorations by the TV remote control.

As it was my first time to Hualien, and there is no MRT network in Hualien, I did not dare to plan a free-and-easy itinerary there. Luckily for us, the minsu owners also offer a number of sightseeing itineraries, from half day to a few days. We joined the one day tour to Tarako Gorge and Cisingtan

I love this dresser area particularly :)

Even the toilets are cute!
I prefer to book 花蓮日之出民宿 BB Sunrise Minsu through Agoda, since can choose English language (most Taiwanese hotel websites are in Traditional Mandarin)