07 November 2011

Taiwan Travel Itinerary for Hualien 花蓮

Mum and me on the way from Taipei to Hualien!

mum's worried about osteoporosis, and we thought this might be the last trip that she can climb and walk fine. brought her to my favourite country - Taiwan. spend 4 days with her in Taipei and Hualien, and dad joined for the other phase of the trip so that I can return in time to start my new job

Here's sharing some research I did for our Hualien trip:

Our Accommodation in Hualien

花蓮日之出民宿 BB Sunrise Minsu 
BB Sunrise Minsu is the top recommendation in TripAdvisor. We were pleasantly surprised by Rachel the owner speaking to us in fluent Cantonese. The minsu provides a few guided tour itinerary, we went on the Cising Tan and Tarako Gorge tour.
See our photos here
This leisure farm is a vacation resort that includes a hotspring, fruit farm and enclosed-cage zoo.
See our photos here

Taroko Gorge Tour

The Taroko National Park is best known for its awesome marble-walled gorge as well as its majestic mountain scenery, Eternal Spring Shrine, Swallows' Grottos, Tunnel of Nine Turns(Jiuqudong), and other incomparable sights. The park's spectacular geologic features also encompass such spectacles as the Baiyang Waterfall just above the gorge, and the precipitous Quingshui Cliffs just below it.

Check which trails are open/closed: http://www.taroko.gov.tw/English/?mm=0&sm=0&page=3 

You can check with your minsu whether they provide guided tours

Local Delicacy in Hualien:

Muah Chee 麻薯
Sweet Potato Cake
Ziqiang Night Market (can skip Nanbin, more amusement park than food options)
液香扁食店 Dai’s Dumpling No.120 Chong Hua Road, Hualien, Taiwan
花莲扁食307 ZhongZheng Road, 9am -11.30pm
鹅肉先生Mr Goose 259 ZhongShan Road, Tel: 886-3-8331902, 11am-12.30am
江太太牛肉面 128 ZhongShan Road, 11am-2.30pm, 5pm-9pm
来成排骨面 544 ZhongZheng Road, 10.30am-10pm
月盧Moonhouse. 71, Fong-Ming 1st street, Hualien 97544, Taiwan. Tel: 03-8762206 (Pre-WW2 Japanese classical Chinese decor, restaurant on the hill overlooking the town , tofu with egg yolk, oven baked chicken by wood and seasoned with plum sauce. Must make reservation)