24 July 2012

Celebrating my big 3-0 in Taiwan

.. with sunburnt! ha! this is the first time we've been to Taiwan in hot weather, and hence was not prepared for the summer heat! our previous three times were always cooling or rainy weather..

This time is Hubby's first time out of Taipei (i've been to Hualien with Mum last November). we went to Taichung (Fengchia, Sinshe), Nantou (Hehuanshan, CingJing), Chiayi (Alishan), Kaohsiung (City, Cijin Island), HSR back to Taipei (Yehliu, Northeastern Coast, finally explored the Taipei Main Station area).. ok, my bad for being very ambitious when planning the agenda this time, lots of slope/climbing! ha!

I've always been intrigued by Taiwan every trip I've been there. the sights and the experiences. I'm rather fond of the short travels (within a couple of hours or train/bus rides) and there's the beautiful oceans or mountains

my FB photo album link here
will upload the itinerary soon in a separate post