25 October 2012

Featherdale Wildlife Park | Sydney Things to Do

After arriving late in Sydney thanks to a Scoot airlines EXTREME delay, I was pissed when Hubby told me that we need to rush to take the tour bus 'cos we are going to the zoo! WTF... hahahha

I didn't realize the Featherdae Wildlife Park turned out to be pretty fun for both of us. We got to pet a koala bear and a wallaby. And in the little goats enclosure, I was trying to run away from the goats whose asses are covered with green poo! One managed to slim my jeans with it saliva, and another started chewing on Hubby's suede shoelaces. Wonder if it knew it was chewing on its own kind. Opps... From the photos, you can guess Hubby is the braver one who dared to pose with the snakes and hold the owls.. no thanks for me!

Featherdale Wildlife Park
217 Kildare Rd, Doonside NSW 2767, Australia