25 October 2012

Sydney Fish Market | Best Places to eat in Sydney

I may love to eat seafood but I detest the smell of raw fish. Luckily for me, the odor wasn't that unpleasant at the Sydney Fish Market. Perhaps due to Australia not being humid as Singapore.

The last time I was here with my family, I was still a small kid and I recalled Dad buying a fresh king crab and cooking it with hot water back in the hotel room. So I didn't know that they actually have a cooked food session.

And yes, Hubby "tricked" me into eating sashimi - sea urchin roe and raw abalone. The sea urchin roe reminds me of uncooked pig liver, while the raw abalone had a crunchy bite.

Sydney Fish Market is located at Bank Street and Pyrmont Bridge Road. We arrived by the Sydney Light Rail and took a short 10 minutes walk. You can visit their official website for directions to get there