28 November 2012

insights discovery

we had a (tiring but) very fruitful regional meeting last week, and the session which i enjoyed the most had to be the insights discovery.

through an insightful discovery of ourselves - communication preferences, strengths and weaknesses, the value we bring to our team, etc - this session has helped me realize the differences in our team's communication preferences (afterall, we're a diverse team of various nationalities, race, age, gender, etc..) and it fascinates me that we can actually design more effective approaches when reaching out to various individuals (the blue in me - my preference for logical thinking)

i found the descriptions in my printed profile to be very true of myself. it helped to put into writing what i frustratingly often could not explain - such as my desire to organize my thoughts can make me appear inarticulate (time and again, i'm dumbfounded in front of more fluent speakers and particularly those in more senior positions), my preference to be a dispassionate observer as i'm often inwardly absorbed in analysis or objectivity (a more-talkative acquaintance once asked me if quiet people think a lot? i thought about the question for a while, but ended up replying with a simple 'maybe'), my application of unrealistically high standards to myself (i may not be the best, but i would want to do my best to avoid disappointing others, and this usually results in more stress if i cannot meet such standards)...

the profile came at a very good timing, when we are doing our annual performance reviews and pulling out our individual development plan (i kick-started my plan during the mid-year review)... for instance, recognizing possible blind spots would be useful in looking at other key areas for my development - such as me benefiting from encouragement to take myself less seriously and a slightly less critical disposition

fyi, i'm a coordinating observer both in my conscious and less conscious persona
it's pretty obvious right? :o)