25 November 2012

Twelve Cupcakes

I could really have twelve on my own!

mum & i were on the way to lunch & our hairdressing moment when i was stopped by a strong chocolaty aroma! i was surprised to see Twelve Cupcakes opened at bugis junction!

hubby & i shared the strawberry on chocolate, chocolate on chocolate and a red velvet
the cupcakes were moist and rich in flavour, and the cream was fantastic though sinful
(definitely much better than the Magnolia Bakery cupcakes we had in New York - the sugar icing was yucky)
was a little expensive though at $3 per tiny cupcake - but totally worth it! (and I will not share the next time!)

fyi, the store is founded by local celebrities Daniel Ong & Jamie Teo, and now has 4 outlets islandwide!

Twelve Cupcakes
(they now have outlets in KL and Taipei too!)