30 January 2013

Bake Your Own Homemade Cornflake Cookies with Cranberries (Recipe)

recalled a conversation with our temp colleague Jo at the CNY goodies fair at ARC, that she likes cornflake cookies. not sure if these are the ones she like, or the pastry ones. anyway here goes my first attempt in making it!

Ingredients (erm... using my unscientific way of measurement)
Cornflakes - grab 2 handfuls
Dried Cranberries - grab 1 handful
Sugar - 1 big tablespoon
Honey - 2 big tablespoon
Butter - I just cut a 2cm-breath portion from a bar of 250g SCS butter

1. Put the sugar, honey and butter into a pan, and melt under low heat. Stir well to prevent from burning!
2. Once the mixture is melted, pour the cornflakes and cranberries in. Mix well
3. Using a tablespoon, scoop the mixture into small baking paper cups.
4. Bake at the highest temperature of your oven for about 5-10 minutes. the highest temperature of my oven is 225 deg celcius, I baked for 10 mins.
5. Let the cornflake cookies cool down before packing into storage containers.

ENJOY this simple recipe! (p/s: i took 30+ mins from preparation to baking, and cool down the pastries for about 10 min. approx 1 hour to complete everything including washing up the equipment *wink*)