28 April 2013

good feedback at Public Garden

it's been some time since I participated in a public bazaar. the feedback obtained from potential customers at Public Garden were good, and here's sharing some:
  • Referring to the above image, I should display more peyote beadweaving rings in ring sizes & widths. *point taken, currently I only have 1 sample size displayed, as I mostly take custom jewelry orders due to different finger sizing. also most of the rings are of 8-beads width, only 1 or 2 are in 6-beads width*
  • I should make more pearl jewelry - I only displayed 1 pearl bracelet, 2 pearl earrings and 5 pearl rings *opps*
  • Instead of the metal chain for the necklace, I can make use a ribbon - this is because some ladies may be sensitive to metal *point taken to allow interchangable chains/ribbons*
  • I can make some chunky jewelry in line with fashion trends *opps... sorry... my jewelry are mostly dainty and feminine*

THANK YOU for your great feedback and I'll work towards continuing improving my handmade jewelry & Etsy shop!

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