28 April 2013

Tim Ho Wan Singapore, Dhoby Ghaut 28.04.2013

hubby was in the queue at 6pm, and i joined him around 7pm after packing up from Public Garden. we waited till 7.30pm before we enter. the queue was stagnant at some points of time; and when we were nearer the entrance, the queue was faster and faster! In fact, the staff were wearing IQ3 t-shirts.. ("I queue for 3 hours at Tim Ho Wan") Good Luck!

tired after 2 long days at Public Garden

got no idea why he kept posing like that for 2 photos! haha!
wonder if his soccer buddies injured his eye.. grr...

I gotta say their service is really good & they serve the food fast! The lady who showed us to our seats purposely chose a comfy area at the back so that we can put our luggage near to us. Good Job! And Yes! Crystal Jade service pale in comparison.

However I dont find it worth the long wait, wonder when they'll implement the number system they mentioned to the media...here's my attempt at food review for those who are willing to wait (",)

char siew pau / bbq meat bun
it's polo pau with charsiew inside. eat when it's hot, so that the pau is crispier. the fillings are quite nice

har kau / prawn dumpling
not really nice. at least not to my expectations. tasteless unless u put sauce. crystal skin is normal, better if thinner skin

carrot cake 
this is oh-so nice! with chunky pieces of white carrot (is that called radish? i forgot) and it's not greasy :)

cheong fun / rice rolls
we had 2 types, the char siew and the pork liver (one of the Big 4 Heavenly Kings Dim Sum).
my verdict: tasteless unless u soak the skin long enough in the sauce. my first taste was the top piece without any sauce.. oh manz

deep fried beancurd skin with prawns
not bad, but i think din tai fung did a better job with the golden prawn pancake, crispier

beef balls
i dun really like the spices, but everyone has different taste preference. i would prefer a more chewy texture, rather than steamed. hubby lied that the beef balls could bounce like ping pong... ha!

malay cake
the steam cake is very light and fluffy. not too sweet. it might be better if this was the first dish that came rather than the 2nd last dish.

gui hua gao / osmanthus cake dessert 
i'm not really someone who likes gui hua taste, but this is quite light flavoured. the goji berries inside could have been soaked (in syrup maybe?) to make it less dry when biting into the jelly

Oh yes, that's how much the 2 of us can eat! Nonetheless, for a bill of SGD 50+, it's worth it to dine at the Michelin 1-Star Restaurant. Just praying hard the queue system would improve so that we can bring our folks there soon!

Tim Ho Wan
68 Orchard Road #01-29A Plaza Singapura Singapore 238839
No reservations allowed

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