18 May 2013

learnt a new craft today at fictive fingers studio

Chinatown is one of my favorite places in Singapore, with rich history, and with their brightly colored shophouses lining the streets and the mightly CBD skyscrapers in the background. 

updated photo of Hani & Aisah, owners of Fictive Fingers,
at their previous Crawford Lane location

Today, I visited the Fictive Fingers for a surface printing workshop, where I finally get my hands dirty carving my own rubber stamp, rubber block printing, and diy silkscreen printing. These were some of the crafts I thought I would have learnt during my art club days in secondary school; we ended up most of the time cutting up vinyl sticker letters for posters; and the most memorable craft I did then was paper making, made with papier mache in a silkscreen frame!

Fictive Fingers is run by 2 sisters Hani & Aisah, and I had an enjoyable time chatting with them. It's always great to find fellow likeminded crafters who enjoy their handmade process and are not solely obsessed with money-making (of course, as businesses, selling is an objective too!) I also learnt that that Aisah is one of the co-founders for Handmade Movement Singapore

As my first attempt in both types of surface printing, I think I did not bad! i carved a dragonfly out of the rubber block and somehow, to me, it resembles a flower hehe.. i also love the distressed look obtained by sponging the rubber stamp (and not applying full force). my silkscreen did not turn out so well, hence no photos haha! overall it was a very fun learning journey, and that's what truly matters

{ missing image due to broken link from facebook, updated 17 July 2014 }

I also had to share one of my most nostalgic memories at chinatown/raffles place area! i love the rich and fragrant ice milk tea, and the crispy and fluffy soft bun at Mr Teh Tarik (135 Amoy St #01-01 Far East Square, a short walk from Raffles Place MRT Station or Chinatown Station)

I also gave in to a sinful treat of Chicken Shepherd Pie at Don's Pie (Update on 8 November 2015: Don's Pie is no longer at Cross Street. You can find their other outlets at http://www.donpieclub.com.sg). i love the fluffy mash potato and the heat from the black pepper (yeah, I can't really take spicy stuff, but this is good!)