16 May 2013

Holland Village.. remembered for poor service and not-working-toilets

I used to frequent Holland Village the last couple of years when my hair treatment salon established its flagship store there. Mid last year, it was announced that the Holland Village carpark was going to make way for redevelopment. Since then, many shops has moved out of Holland Village, including the salon

last night I was back there with a few ex-colleagues at Wala Wala. Despite the heavy rain in the end, we had a great time mingling with one another, reminiscing of the past at the workplace, as well as new developments such as who's new, who's left, who's going to be mummy soon :)

the service there, i have to say... is rather poor.. rude and non-responsive and very slow service! on the other hand, most of the foodstuff are good (dont really like the pizza though) --- and then again, deep fried food always taste good! ha!

we proceeded to Häagen-Dazs for desserts after. more catching up of the good times over some helpings of icecream, fruits, cookies and cakes in a warm chocolate fondue. guess what? toilet flush to the ladies is not working, and the conditions of the gents is .. erm.. disgusting?

as I shared my less-than-positive experience to a colleague during lunch today, I found out that she had a not-so-good experience at Crystal Jade Holland Village too, and I recall the not-as-good experience at Sushi Tei and Amici there too.

verdict: Holland Village has lost its touch. Its rustic charm, in my mind, has been replaced by memories of disgusted service.