12 May 2013

Poulét - Amazing French Roast Chicken | Restaurant Review

i just went 2 straight days of dining at Poulét for dinner! i've been wanting to try the restaurant for the longest of time, and we hardly have an available night out on working days, and weekends have been busy too. 

The French casual diner - other than the ambiance and french (i hope it's french 'cos I don't understand a word of the good) music, the food is great! and not to mention, hardly need to queue even when the restaurant is full! (maybe the timings we arrived were perfect *wink*) anyway i think the Chinatown Point branch scores better that Jurong Point in terms of food presentation and promptness of service. 

celebrating Mothers' Day with my Mum today at Jurong Point -
and she looks greateven without makeup! 

Date Night with Hubby at Chinatown Point -

amused to find out that Chinatown Point has changed so much! This used to be my hunting ground where I spend lots of time in a corner at McDonald's after a beading supplies spree! There's also a Uniqlo (my all time fashion favourite!) & NTUC Fairprice at B1, Daiso at B2, and lots more shops. Poulét is at Level 2

here are our food pix (",)
for a more professional review, do visit one of our favourite food blogs, LadyIronChef

Poulet Roti - the Amazing French Roast Chicken! 
i like the sweet chardonnay mushroom sauce, but i would recommend you to order a few dishes to share with your friends rather that consume this dish on your own. too much sweetness can end up as an overkill sometimes :P and just look at how moist the chicken breast is! we were pleasantly surprised to find out the roast chicken breast itself is juicy, unlike most tough and dried up roast chicken you find in restaurants 

Oxtail in red wine sauce
just a gentle touch with your fork or spoon, and the tender flesh releases itself from the bone. even the onions taste good!

Duck Leg with Cranberry Sauce
I had a bite of Mum's dish - it was good but we felt the sauce overpowered the taste of duck. I thought that the presentation could have been a little neater 

Lamb Shank
If you are not a 'lamb-person', this dish may be too strong-tasting for you. I couldn't taste the orange in the sauce too. Meat is also tender and falls off the bone easily. Overall, would have loved Secret Recipe's version better. (oh i miss their cakes! haven't eaten there since the farewell party of my previous job!)

Mushrooms with Egg
I thought I saw poached egg in the menu. When I saw the egg, I thought the dish looked funny, with a roll-able white ball in the centre of browns. Perhaps the dish would be better presented with a poached egg or omelette? (definitely not a sunny side up though) or perhaps the egg should sit in an egg cup? hmm.. anyway i love mushrooms, especially when the mixture of fungi are stirred fried in garlic *yum yum* just a note that this is a tad too oily (hmm.. u can probably tell by now that my not-so-positive reviews are all from JP outlet)

Oh the tiramisu is potent at the end of a filling dinner! we simply loved it! and just a gentle reminder to always have some mascarpone cheese and the sponge finger at the same time. never eat the expresso-infused sponge finger alone! maybe it's because Hubby & I are both non-coffee drinkers, we almost choked when we each had a HUGE mouthful of the caffeinated sponge finger! LOL

As for beverages, do note that plain water is not free -- you can have a choice of cold mineral water (i cant recall the cost) or hot water at 50 cents. I tried the Ice Lemon Tea, not bad! not diluted by the ice even after my meal (",)

Poulét - Amazing French Roast Chicken