01 June 2013

Happy DIY Stamping

woke up by the scorching sun at 7+am yesterday morning. i could not get back to sleep and decided to get my hands busy on another craft other than beading (was designing something special till the late hours the night before!) i dug into my craft supplies and remembered the rubber block from the rubber stamp making workshop with fictive fingers and made something useful for my Etsy shop!

i recalled Hani sharing with me about the positive side and negative side printing, and using a sharp pencil to poke holes into a rubber block to create a polka dot negative stamp. using the similar technique, i wrote my shop link foong.etsy.com onto a piece of post-it note, and used a thin marker to write the mirror-image of the words onto the rubber block. i couldn't find any wooden pencils at home, only mechanical pencils.. and then I had my aha moment! my bead reamers! i also found an old ink pad - amazingly, after not using it for many years, this versafine ink pad still works fine!

i also found this cute animals ink pad which i bought from popular bookstore many many years ago. the ink pad is dried up now, but the tiny stamps were still in perfect condition.

{ missing image due to broken link from facebook, updated 17 July 2014 }

my fancy beading tools to make bigger holes in beads. I seldom use them, since I'm using Japanese Toho beads that have larger holes perfect for beadweaving (my nymo thread can pass through the same bead many times!). Learn how to use Bead Reamers here.