23 June 2013

Vacation in Hong Kong - another food paradise

Just like Singapore, Hong Kong may have a small geographical area but both cities are one of the biggest business hubs in Asia. Similarly, both countries are well-known for their shopping and of course their rich variety of food. Be it street food to restaurant food, from local Cantonese cuisine to the most unimaginable dish, you can have it all!

Throughout this trip, whenever I was asked what I would like to have for my meals, I opt for traditional Hong Kong food. The only street food I liked in Hong Kong is Egg Wafer Tartlet 鸡蛋仔 (HKD 10-12) but in the recent years, the standard has dropped... in fact, I found a better tasting one yesterday at IMM Singapore (SGD 2) - more fragrant, crispier and chewier! And one street food I would like to try is the Rice Pudding with Red Beans - I often see that in HK drama serials, but never found one street food stall selling it... :(

During the times I were left wandering alone (and mostly in the rain), I did not eat much - some light food like tofu dish at Sham Shui Po, Maxim's Polo Bun and a few snacks. Hence when mum returned from her day-work-trip at Shenzhen and we were lost in the rain and shopping complex in Tsim Sha Tsui, our initial thought is to head back to our hotel in To Kwa Wan and look for the roast meat restaurant nearby she and my brother went to in their last trip.

The chicken and duck set meal came with a big bowl of rice and another big bowl of soup - luckily we ordered 1 set meal only as the portions were really huge! We also packed the 2 roast pigeons back to hotel for supper. I can't recall the actual prices but all together we paid around SGD 20+ Not only were the food delicious, the staff at the To Kwa Wan branch we went to, were probably one of the most polite amongst all the HK cafes and restaurants I've been to.

Grey clouds and big rain drops, the weather of Saturday morning. As we decided to roam around the neighbourhood, spend much time in Wellcome supermarket, scouting a few local cafes for breakfast and we ended up in the above porridge 粥家壯 cafe. Again, the staff were polite (surprise! surprise!) and there were lots of cuttlefish and crunchy peanuts in our 艇仔粥. We also tried the freshly made warm beancurd that was served with brown sugar (in Singapore, it is usually served with sugar syrup)

Mum's boss, WC with the same name as me, joked that we couldn't tell people we've been to Hong Kong until we tried Tsui Wah Restaurant - a local cafe chain. My colleague A has also recommended Tsui Wah for their famous fishball noodles. It was a very affordable meal - 3 noodle dishes, 1 vegetables and 1 cup of 'famous' milk tea costs us a total of SGD 27 for 3 persons. I didn't really like the milk tea though -- my preference remained as Mr Teh Tarik's milk tea & Koi bubble milk tea! ha!

The last place we ate in HK was Fok Lum Dim Sum Restaurant. We had to visit a dimsum place in HK, but you have to walk a distance from the MTRs to get to Tim Ho Wan, not forgetting the long wait. However we failed to anticipate the long queue at Fok Lum as it was Fathers' Day. The restaurant was bustling with business, and of course rude waitresses and service staff. The receptionist on the other hand was very calm and nice, explaining to everyone that she understand everyone is hungry and is waiting for tables. 

The only dishes I really like was the carrot cake, reminds me of Tim Ho Wan's serving piping hot with chunks of carrot and the golden/orange fried pumpkin balls with sesame seeds.  YUM YUM! It was also silly that they served the mango pudding first, right after the tea and hot water pots. (the table was small and we have to share tables, no place to put so many things too..) Oh, and if you see 家乡味, it's actually spring onions (the omelette and cheong fun dish we had.. yucks..)