26 August 2013

How to promote your Etsy shop (and drive sales)!

Your Motivation

What's your motivation in setting up your Etsy shop?
And what goals have you set for your Etsy shop this year?

Sharing my own story... I have a day job and consider Etsy as my 'expensive hobby'. I started my Etsy shop years ago on Oct 29, 2009. I was not active in selling online but had a couple of sales on and off.

Last December, I returned to Etsy and decided to focus more on my shop. This way, I may get a supplementary income that can fund my 'expensive hobby' and perhaps pay for some treats during my vacations :)

Updating my product descriptions, key words and product photographs every now and then.. and participating in Etsy business discussions forum and Etsy teams every now and then... this has help to increase the views to my shop.

Even though sales are slow, I am happy to reveal my 2013 stats to date
1,444 favorites (of course, many of my favorites came from beloved members of this team! thanks for helping to direct traffic to my humble shop!)
14 orders

Compared to last year
7 favorites
3 orders (of which 1 is a handmade jewelry and the 2 items are digital items and I sold them for less than a dollar)

My 'challenge' for you today.. just work on 1 item or section of your shop and see if there might be any pleasant surprises for you :) Meanwhile, I just updated some photos in my bracelets section yesterday, keeping my fingers crossed for some good news!

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as said, I'm no expert when it comes to Etsy... but like many other Etsians, I spend a great amount of time thinking of my product descriptions and tags, and have edited each of them probably a million and one times!

Just wanna share something that I find useful when I run out of ideas for my tags/ I use the keyword tool often to check the phrasing of my tags, whether the phrases I thought of actually make senses and if people are searching in the same mind as I am. Especially since I'm based out of USA and UK, my grammar and spelling may not make sense to you (we have a localized 'distorted' slang affectionately known by locals as 'Singlish'!)

my recent listings are for glass pearl bracelets strung on elastic cord.
when I search the following phrases, I can see on the average, how many people search with this line of words each month, on a global and/or local basis.

elastic pearl bracelet --
there are about 140 monthly global searches, 0 local searches

stretch pearl bracelet --
there are about 720 monthly global searches, 0 local searches

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