02 May 2015

Taipei Driver | Taipei Taxi Fare

* this post was originally written in September 2013, and has been updated in May 2015 *

For those who are curious, I have personally taken the taxis of the following drivers listed before, and found their prices reasonable, and of course courteous service. Do note that not all of them are English speaking, and for those who can speak English, their language skills is not native. 

Disclaimer: I do not receive any form of compensation, commissions or discounts for promoting the services of these taxi drivers. More information in my Taichung Taxi Recommendation blog post. 

Taipei Taxi Driver Recommendation

Mr Xu 徐大哥
Dial +886 920 092 179 when calling from overseas
Dial 0920 092 179 when calling within Taiwan

Mr Lin 林大哥
Dial +886 935 680 014 when calling from overseas
Dial 0935 680 014 when calling within Taiwan

Mr Wu 吴大哥
Dial +886 910 122 643 when calling from overseas
Dial 0910 122 643 when calling within Taiwan

Mr Lee 李元敬 or 李大哥
Dial +886 915 282 413 when calling from overseas
Dial 0915 282 413 when calling within Taiwan
Email: daiwa323@yahoo.com.tw

(note: I have removed A-bin a.k.a. luckybinge who was recommended in a lot of forums. He was supposed to fetch my hubby and myself in 2012, but ended up sending his brother in the last minute. And his brother was not very familiar with the routes to our destinations which we provided to A-bin in advance. Then in 2013, we arranged for another full-day tour with A-bin. This time, he did not appeared at all - I was so embarrassed as we had 2 other friends with me! Luckily we managed to get another taxi from the streets that was ok for a full-day tour)

Taipei Taxi Fare

If you are considering a full-day tour (8 hours), the usual rate is TWD 3500 to 4000. Some of the drivers are ok to throw in a few hours, but some may charge the extra hours. So do check with them


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Hi all, received a Google+ email mentioning I received a new comment for this blog post, but can't seem to find the comment in the blog itself.. Tried reaching out to yinpeng teo in Google+ but don't seem to have a way to message (oh mine.. me and technology LOL)

Here's the comment received:
Sun, Jul 10, 2016 at 11:10 AM
yinpeng teo commented on your blog post
Hi Wendy, I am choosing between Mr Lee and Mr Liu (Taichung). Both quoted me about the same. So I would to know who is more friendly and approachable? From the message it seems Mr Liu abit cool in

Here's what I would like to reply to yinpeng teo:
Hi Yinpeng, great to hear from you :) I guess in terms of who's friendly and approachable, both of them are. Sometimes they may seem more aloof or cool via emails or messaging as they are often on the go and could only reply short messages in quick period of time.

As Mr Liu owns the taxi company, he would usually not be the one driving, but would send one of his taxi drivers. So far his drivers are all very friendly and approachable. One of them was so nice when he drop us at our requested last stop at a night market about 1 hour bus ride away from our hotel, and the bus stop from the night market is about 10 minutes walk which we are not familiar with the area. The driver was worried we might lose our way and told us to call Mr Liu who's staying near the district of the night market should we be unable to find our way back to our hotel. :)



Hi Andrea,

I don't seem able to reply to your comment directly. I am not certain which driver speaks basic English, as I mainly converse with them in Mandarin. You may want to try sending them a text message or email in English to check for their understanding