11 January 2014

Black Beaded Lace Bracelet, Hand Stitched, Needle Weaving

If you noticed the black beaded crystal bracelet I've been wearing these days, it is now available for sale at my Etsy shop http://foong.etsy.com

Dazzling black crystal bracelet handmade by me using needle weaving techniques, binding Swarovski Elements jet crystals and Japanese seed beads with quality beading thread. Inspired by vintage lace, this beaded lace bracelet is one of my original beadweaving designs created through much experimentation over my many years of beading. 

I have sold a white version of this bracelet last October to a fellow jewelry maker based in USA. Holly's handcrafted wedding jewelry Etsy shop is one of my role models in Etsy. I love her wedding jewelry, her designs, her colors, her photography... love love love! I felt so honored and proud (and of course very surprised) when she place an order for this bracelet. 

Holly's review of the beaded white lace bracelet on October 27, 2013 was "This bracelet is so delicate and lovely and well made. It arrived super fast, even though it came from halfway around the world, and I was so thrilled when I opened it! Thank you so much for making such a lovely piece of jewelry that has quickly become a favorite, and I can't wait to order a few more in other colors!"

Her purchase and her encouragement to create this beadweaving bracelet in other colors was a very important support during my non-beading days (almost one month!)... the packing and the unpacking and fatigue due to our home relocation in November 2013 (not forgetting my commute to and fro work is now triple the time I used to take!). When I eventually unpacked all my beading materials and set up a beading workstation at home, I started off with a few beadweaving projects to kick-start the momentum (only the geometric triangle earrings are available for sale now). 

I improved the beaded toggle and have made this crystal bracelet in a black color scheme (Swarovski Elements Jet crystals with Metallic Hematite Toho seed beads) and a silver color scheme (Swarovski Elements Crystal AB crystals with Galvanized Aluminum seed beads). While the black beaded lace bracelet is now available for sale in my Etsy shop, the silver bracelet unfortunately was defective as some of the silver color in the seed beads rubbed off with strong friction :( I was rather disappointed as it took me hours to needle weave each bracelet. Nonetheless, a good beading learning experience :)