18 January 2014

Paradise Dynasty, possibly my favorite Chinese Restaurant in Singapore!

I think I found my favourite Chinese Restaurant in Singapore (ok... other than Tim Ho Wan for their affordable dim sum)

With humble backgrounds starting from a coffeeshop in Defu Lane, and with probably the youngest CEO I ever know of, Paradise Dynasty had become a hot favorite with their colorful Xiao Long Bao (needless to say, my favorite (and likely the only one i like) is the truffle flavored one!)

8 signature flavours of Xiao Long Bao:
Original (the white one in the centre)
Garlic (grey one at the top, going clockwise now)
Szechuan (pink)
Cheese (yellow)
Foie gras (brown)
Ginseng (green - Karen hates me for this ha!)
Truffle (black... yummy!!)
Crab Roe (orange)

One of the earlier items I've ate at Paradise Dynasty (long queues at Ion!) and have remained a favorite is the cold 3-eggs appetiser (not in any rush to DIY at home)

And this is Andy's favorite Hand-Pulled Noodles in Pork Broth (love the broth too)

I also started to like the tender drunken chicken (just enough wine, and not as bitter as most places I've tried), and the thin beef slices (taste like damn-good cold beef jerky.. miss Taiwan already!)

Paradise Dynasty @ Westgate
 #02-13/14 (directly above Tim Ho Wan)

Westgate shopping mall is connected to Jurong East MRT Station, beside JEM shopping mall
Map: http://www.paradisegroup.com.sg/?page_id=2050zz