10 February 2014

食客 Ssikkek Korean BBQ in Singapore

Jzee had a craving for BBQ for the longest of time! After finally figuring out whether we were meeting at United Square or UE Square, Chef Jzee probably had the most fun cooking for everyone! In comparison, cooking can be quite a chore to me, having to buying the ingredients and then preparing dinner for my family of 4 or 2 regularly for many years ha! Still detest frying fish with all the oil splattering and the fishy smell that lingers... eeks..


Ssikek has quite a variety of marinated meat, as well as cooked food available. While Chef Jzee helped bbq the non-spicy meat pieces for me, I ate quite a number of the chicken wings and sweet potato cubes haha!

食客 Ssikkek BBQ
United Square, Thomson Road, Basement 1
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ssikkek-BBQ/155178511226866