05 April 2014

Possibilities and Potential

It was like a knock to my head when a stranger ask why I am questioning my abilities. It is strange that someone you barely know can see the potential in you.

As an Asian, it seems a virtue to be humble. Even as children, Asian parents tend to say their children are not as good-looking when others remark how cute and adorable the child is. But working in westernised companies for quite a while now teaches me that to be successful (e.g. in pitching your project) that we have to speak up (for ourselves, our project, our task etc) Otherwise who knows when you will wait for that someone (whoever that someone is) to speak for you (till the cows come home?)

I must remind myself of my strengths.. that I am fearless in my own ways, that I work hard to see something through to the end, that I ask 101 questions to clarify so that I can learn and improve.. and most importantly, no one is as unique as I am. No one knows my value as well as I am.

Sometimes you just know that you are meant for bigger things. What matters most now is how you see yourself. Approval comes from within.