18 August 2014

I am furious!

Lately I attended a workshop to learn how to make an effective website. Feeling curious, I Googled my name (just like I would Google my prospective bosses at work before I decide to join a company)...

Guess what?

There's this spam site that was on page 1 Google results (ok, I don't have that much online presence now to warrant even 2 full pages of relevant results)...

And the site STOLE my blog photos and put them up as wallpaper for downloads! WTF! using my blog titles as their tags too! Damn!

And the website logo termed the site as some seo-made-simple and ree-wallpaper wordpress-themes media company...! With the horrible aesthetics, folks that know me personally would immediately know that site doesn't belong to me!

I have just lodged a report with Google Webmaster. Hope that disgusting site get pulled down soon! And that this doesn't happen to your blogs too..