26 August 2014

victimised again...

I was paying my credit card bills online when I realized my favourite credit card has been compromised!

A couple of days ago, someone from the bank called to check if I made an unauthorised transaction of US$1 around midnight - this one I did, with graphicstock.com who offered free 7 day trial (you would need to put in your credit card details to join), and I cancelled the account on the same late night when I realised that the site were mainly of graphics, vectors and clipart. I wanted more human photos

So I was skeptical about this bank caller at first, and even questioned how I could trust that he was really from the bank? He just continued to ask me to verify  my information (WTF!) Anyway I did and case closed.

But today when I saw these fraud transactions in my credit card, I wondered loudly to the bank's customer service person on the phone why the bank caller did not check with me on these transactions especially if the bank is being careful about fraudulent cases.

Anyway what happened was that my account had 3 unauthorised transactions of USD 100 each from some online gaming company on 5 August 2014. I happened to be with my massage therapist that tiring evening (nope, no use of credit card there) and did not online. Moreover, I have never heard of this gaming site before - the few games I play these days are CSI and Pokopang on my Samsung S3. And the next day on 6 August 2014, it showed a refund of USD 100.

Smart move, scammer! Take USD 300 from me, and put back USD 100 to lessen suspicions... your happy gaming of USD 200 at my expenses not only hurt me financially but also brought lots of inconvenience to me! Hope you deserve your fair share of karma...!