09 September 2014

Are you hungry to learn?

Much can be tell from your actions if you have the hunger to learn and the desire to excel. If you don't, it's perhaps high time for you to adjust your expectations. Nothing is free in this world, and hardly do good things that come to you on a silver platter

I was at the workshop review session today and almost fainted when she took the seat beside me again. Oh no, i said to myself, picturing the upcoming mental chaos. True enough she asked a question, but at least this question was due to her not understanding the technical stuff rather than chit chatting or sms-ing in class and missing out on what is taught.

When the facilitator asked which group have discussed their "homework" and can present their research, sadly there were only 2 of us in my group present, and our group of 8 had never met to discuss. We did not even contact each other, though I took the initiative to email the members each other's contacts. I also hardly remember most of the team mates except for the only caucasian lady in class who had sat beside me those 3 days.

Luckily, I had done my research and the facilitator gave his feedback to help me further sharpen my sword.

It has been a mere few weeks since the workshop and what have I done in these weeks to ensure my 3 days of training did not go to waste?

I took out the workshop notes and summarised into a jotter book using my own words, subscribed to similar blogs and youtubes to gain a better understanding on the technicals, listened in my long mrt commute to my guru's recorded videos, grab my laptop and do research at any location with free wifi during the hour-long work lunch...

All this while orientating to a new role in a new work environment in a new company, while managing my online beading business, and of course not forgetting buying a new house and getting irritated by Hubby time to time :p

I'm no super girl

I feel tired too especially having to wake up super early to spend more than 70 minutes to get to work by 8.30am (my alarm rings at 5.30am and I allow myself to snooze to a maximum 6.15am, and leave home latest 7.15am. Military style but not with swiss precision haha)

I'm not an exceptionally smart girl, I made my fair share of mistakes and learn from them

I work my arse off to get to places. I don't expect things passed to me on a silver platter. (I feel insulted when some of my no-longer-can-be-termed-friends acquaintances think that it's so easy for me to join the various MNCs I've worked with)

I'm willing to put in 100% effort to ensure I learn

I'm just hungry