09 September 2014

Cosmos Hotel Taipei | Hotel near Taipei Main Station

Cosmos Hotel or 天成大飯店 is located beside the Taipei Main Station and can be easily accessibly by MRT Exit M3. The airport bus also brings you directly to this exit ff you are taking the airport bus from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei.

Here's the photos of my Cosmos Hotel  Room 722 I took in the recent trip:

the room had no windows, so i like how they made the artificial japanese windows. i dont feel so claustrophobic when i'm indoors!

i think you may have noticed from now that there were 2 beds but only me myself travelling to Taipei this time round. it was the last room left and the Agoda offer was pretty decent!

at least the Coke is pretty normal price! 
it cost us SGD 8 in a 5-star hotel in Singapore!
(anyway, there's a 7-11convenience store nearby the hotel)

2 bottles of water provided each day

blur photos resulting from lazing on the comfy bed in the nice aircon environment when it's sweltering hot summer outside!

dont even need to bring traveller's electrical plug!

well equipped writing materials. first time i ever seen ruler, mechanical pencil, black clips provided! the Singapore 5-star hotel I mentioned only had a pen and some writing pad

ok and now we venture to my fave place of the hotel room... the bathroom!

overall I enjoyed staying Cosmos Hotel very much. Just the artificial window and the stationery showed how thoughtful they were. Also, they provided many tourist literature in English and Japanese that gave me more insight on some of the places in Taiwan.

I also liked that the lobby area of my floor had this daily weather forecast, and there's always nice music while waiting for the lifts (3 lifts). Thumbs up for Cosmos Hotel !