22 September 2014

Do You Have Vacation Plans For Each Quarter?

"So what's your vacation plans?"

"When are you going Taiwan again?"

Some of the common chit-chat topics (other than discussing what's for lunch/dinner and when we're going to have kids... oh dear...)

Facebook updates filled with photos of friends and ex-colleagues exploring beautiful places all around Asia, and of course the photos of them binge on piles and piles of delicious food (wahaha!) do make me green with envious

It was not too long ago when we were having quarterly vacations with thanks to budget airlines promotions (no thanks to Scoot though for terrorizing our Sydney trip... for the first time in our lives, we slept on the floors of Singapore Airport while waiting for the plane to be repaired for flight!)

As I started my new job for 2+ months now, I am still not eligible for paid leave till I complete the 3-month probation period (patience, my dear!) Oh well, that's policy and I'm not willing to trade salary for extra days off (no pay leave) for the time being, especially in view of our house purchase (oh April, how I wish it's already March!)

Thought of going somewhere over the weekend.. but not sure where to go yet...

Hubby just came back from a day trip to Batam with folks at work, and of course brought back lots of Indo instant noodles hehe.. The last time we were there for 2 days 1 night using a Groupon, I had a very bad flu the night before and was making 'tissue wantons' the whole trip... I recalled the buffet lunch at WeiWei was very good, and of course A&W was the most nostalgic (Andy & Wendy? haha!) but 933 Seafood was.. yucks..! and we had to take a long taxi ride to get there somemore. Oh, we had a very good stay at Harmoni Hotel, they upgraded us automatically to the room with a bath tub and a window.

Thought of Bali too, as I haven't been there and can always go for Eat Pray Love kinda trip, minus the yoga of course! haha! Hubby had been in Bali twice already for corporate teambuilding / goal setting trips, and doesn't like the place as much :(

A lot of friends suggested Bangkok. I don't know about them, but the language barrier has always been a drab for me. That's probably why I enjoy Taipei more. However, for a short weekend trip, I am not going to spend 9+ hours on the plane, 4+ hours waiting in airports for check-in, 4+ hours home-airport-hotel commute... wow... 9+4+4 = 17 hours! Remind me to take a longer vacation the next time I'm in Taiwan!

Oh well, gotta to do  my research off Facebook to check out which other places to visit! Worse come to worse, another staycation with the bathtub all to myself *wink