13 September 2014

Google+ and Blogger

While I'm IT savvy sufficiently to survive, I'm not the most up-to-date in terms of social media and gadgets. I've accounts in FaceBook (including a FB page for my handmade jewelry business), LinkedIn (professional account for networking and of course job opportunities), Pinterest (to keep track of all my photos)... got tired of Instagram (never bothered much with the 101 hashtags that comes with each photo), Twitter (got tired following too many people) etc...

I realised I had a Google+ account for some time.. due to my Blogger account, and that all the photos in my Blogger account turned up in my Samsung Galaxy S3 image gallery, which somehow bothers me... I was worried that the numerous photos were taking up too much space in my mobile phone and I could not store the pdfs and videos (reading & watching material) for my long commutes.

So I did a smart-arse thing...

I deleted my Google+ account

and then guess what?

The photos in my phone were still there.

But  many of my photos in Blogger disappeared (disconnected links?). And so did the older posts that were linked to FB photos too.

After uploading and/or updating the photo links for all the posts till 2013, I eventually grew tired. Anyway, I also recreated my Google+ account, hopefully I'll put it into good use soon.

Oh..  and I just figured out how to show the Comments portion in my blog..! Can't imagine I disabled the reader comments function for all these years... (sounds like I was talking to myself.. haha!)