01 September 2014

We Bought Our House!

Lately Hubby and I commited to purchase our second house, a resale HDB in the heart of Chinatown. We have been married for 6 years and sold our HDB in the west last year. The transaction should finalise by this December and the current owners move out by end-March with the new guideline on temporary extension of stay for sellers

While we are very excited to build our second home, curious folks have been asking about our new home, and were giving all sorts of comments, mainly negative ones... Some of these common awful remarks and my common (and often sarcastic) replies to share:

Huh? Why you sell your house? Your house so convenient!
My response: repeating for the umpteen time... I understand most of my friends and colleagues are at different stages in life where almost all of them are at their first house. While I hate to sell our super-convenient 5-room flat in Clementi Central (I still blame the agent), the deal has been completed since last November. I can't turn back time. If I could, I would probably not paint that house so dark, and would not buy the sofa and dining table... waste of  money and space, as only visitors use them...

Huh? Why never buy condo? I can use the pool... the gym... 
My response: so smart huh? we pay, you use... when you buy your first condo, do remember to invite us over to use your pool.. your gym... I'll be sure to make good friends with the security guard, and your nearest neighbours too so they can teach me how to play mahjong

Huh? So old! The flat already 40 years, you still want? 
My response: when you have house-hunt for a period of time, you will see even 5-year old flats in sh*tty condition. In fact, I can't believe they are actually 5 year olds! The current owner has kept the place very clean, the light switches and bathroom are almost new and we are in love with the old-school flooring too (original first-owner condition). Oh yah... do remind me not to invite you over, lest the ceiling falls on you or the floor gives way - honestly if that happens,  I blame your weight

What? You downgraded from a 5 room to a 3 room?!
My response: we don't need so many store rooms, which our previous flat was. also, one special thing about this house is the floor area is larger than our previous 5 room. don't get it? you'll know it if you see it... uh wait? I can't invite you over to visit...

As you can see, my patience is running thin.. from being questioned on our decision to sell the house, to buying our new 'old house'... Hubby and I are the ones living there anyway, so I wonder why almost everyone has something to chip in... if you have nice things to say or want to find out more about selling / buying a hdb in Singapore - Good! if you only have lots of negative energy that you need to pass on, please stay away from us. Andy and I do not need validation on our decision.

And for those supportive ones, Thank You, true friends :)