28 November 2014

Oddies Foodies - Creative Dessert Store in Wanchai, Hong Kong

Whenever I am in Hong Kong, I will hunt for my favorite street food by sniffing out the sidewalks for a fragrant smell. No! I'm not looking for smelly tofu, but the crispy egg waffle 鸡蛋仔. In my last few visits, the taste of the Hong Kong egglet was disappointing - while it retains the egg-y aroma, the various stores I had visited no longer makes the waffle crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

To my surprise, Oddies Foodies delivered just what I was looking for - Fragrant. Crispy. Chewy. And in fact, a flavorful surprise awaits with yet another of my favorite, brownie and chocolate chips!

Other than serving the traditional egg waffle in various flavors including kimochi and ham and cheese, this small Hong Kong dessert store offers creative soft serve ice cream desserts. Each yummy creation packs a mouthful of flavors that you will not expect from the tiny store. For about SGD10, we were amazed by the number of ingredients that goes into each delicious concoction. 

It was a great recommendation by Hubby's friend, and Hubby and I loved it so much that we returned there thrice within two days! We simply HAD to return to Oddies Foodies!

The trio that we couldn't resist - meet Night Wolf, Dr. Oddie (which comes with a plastic syringe and a medical label affix on the cup) and Ohh Tea! (which comes with a crunchy toast made to resemble a tea-bag):

Night Wolf
'Italian low fat soft gelato twisted with 66% dark chocolate served with buttery crumbles, caramelised banana ice cream, passion fruit panna cotta, brownie and chocolate chips eggettes and crunchy flakes'

Dr. Oddie
'Italian low fat soft gelato served with chrysanthemum poached pears, gingery oat crumbs, honey ginger ice cream, honey jelly, butter crumbs, citrus caramel sauce, sprinkled with raspberry crisps'

Ohh Tea!
'Italian low fat soft gelato served on a bed of earl grey bergamot panna cotta, caramel apple, butter crumbs, organic jasmine tea sorbet, hibisus tea espuma, strawberry tea caramel popcorn and a chocolated dipped teabag'

Hubby and I had to share each cup, as we came after very filling brunch/dinners. We did spotted a pair of slim ladies having one cup each. If they can do it, you can finish a cup on your own too! But if you're just not feeling up to it, they do sell just the soft-serve ice-cream or just the eggettes.

How to get there:

Shortly after our breakfast on our second day in Hong Kong (the first day was spent in Disney Land), we tracked the outlet location using GPS and carefully looking at the unit numbers of each shops as we walked along Wanchai Road. The 'tough' journey often comes with great rewards!

Shop Address: Shop 1F, GF No. 149 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong 
Actual location: Tucked in Burrows Street, along Wan Chai Road

Here's an easy map on how to get there in 5 minutes (or 10, depending on your walking speed):

(click the image to view a larger map)

By Subway: At Wanchai MTR Station, exit the station using Exit A3. You will find yourself facing Hennessy Road with shops like Bonjour, Sasa, KFC etc. Cross the road and turn left. Walk straight for a couple of minutes till you see Cafe de Coral 大家樂. Turn right into that street; that's Burrow Street. The second shop is Oddies Foodies

By Tramway: If you are taking the Hong Kong Tramways (also affectionately known as 'ding ding', take the Eastbound line and stop at 45E Fleming Road. Cross the road to reach Wanchai Road, and turn left. Walk straight for a couple of minutes till you see Cafe de Coral 大家樂. Turn right into that street; that's Burrow Street. The second shop is Oddies Foodies

Some things to note before you salivate your way there:
  • Do not visit on a Monday. They are open Tuesday to Sunday, from 12pm to 10pm. That makes a good dessert after lunch or dinner (like what we did!) or a great tea time snack
  • There are no seating places, and the shop front is very small and narrow. Enter the shop to purchase and wait outside along the road till your number is called.
  • So that also means arm  yourself with umbrellas in case of bad weather or leaky aircons above. You wouldn't want foreign liquids entering your delicious dessert. 
Enjoy and do like their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/oddiesfoodies