01 February 2015

Bangkok, here we meet again

Two weeks of intense "lockdown" mode at work for the annual salary review process, followed by rushing the compilation of HR tracking tools... and with us falling sick, recovering and falling sick again; germs spreading like wild fire in the office...  I'm finally in Bangkok now on a short break with hubby

I've not been to the land of smiles for many years. The last time I was here was probably 7 years ago with hubby, mum and mil before our wedding, for the folks to get to know one another (you know how bad it can turn out to be when two matriachs meet, especially when both are Leo horoscope and... in fact have the same birthdays)

It's so much easier to reach the city center now with the subway, reaching our destination in comfort in less than an hour. Streets are also bustling with traffic and lined with lights as we walked to our airbnb accommodation beside the famous-with-bargain-hunters Platinum Fashion Mall

The longest walk was probably from alighting the plane to the immigration counters... I can't help but feel an uncanny sense of achievement when we finally reach the long immigration queue

The weather here is as warm and humid as Singapore. We changed into the 3S immediately  - singlet, shorts and slippers - and head out to the road stretch in front of Central World for the salt-baked fish at the roadside seafood stalls

While I'm not a fan of fish (fishy smell and prickly bones), I enjoyed the salt baked fish, bbq pork and the papaya salad that hubby thinks is too sweet (we asked for no chili - it came less spicy and more sugar haha). The coconut was disappointing though as the juice and flesh were not sweet at all. Dinner cost us THB300 and we continued our way along the street with lots of street vendors

It reminded me of my first encounter in Taiwan as we stopped and tried much street food. The taste of Taiwanese stinky tofu still haunts me, but every other taste remains a great savoury memory

 Right after dinner and we were chomping satay fresh from the grill - love the juiciness and the gingery marinade... a few steps later and we were busy with crispy dwep fried chicken wings and drumsticks. I preferred the drumstick as it's much easier to eat when you're walkjng and you can taste the marinade with every bite. While the crispy chicken wings did not have much marinade taste, they had the occasional garlic crisp... yum! We also stopped by for pomegranate juice and watermelon slices. I could feel my stomach crying stop! Opps...!

While hubby got four caps for a steal at THB150 each,  I think the other best experience was passing by Big C supermarket to realize it's still open at 11.30pm - other than some cheaper cosmetics and toiletries, we couldn't resist buying loads of pocky (glico brand pretzel sticks coated with chocolate/fruit/exotic flavors) and of course the refreshing Schweppes lemon lime soda that hubby's friend recommended and got us hooked! Luckily for us Big C wasn't too far away as we carried everything back in the heat of the night

It's 2.35am Singapore time now and I'm super tired. I can feel that my legs have went to sleep while my fingers remain awake clicking on my still-surviving samsung galaxy s3 screen (pardon my spelling errors in this post!)

Had a late night the night before too, catching The Imitation Game movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch (the actor who plays Sherlock) - good show! Moral of the story that both my movie buddy and I agree: dont be so kpo! No details or it'll be a spoiker alert.  Watch the show and you might find yourself agreeing with us too. I did felt disturbed about being persecuted just because you are different as I find myself in similar situations too. But oh well, part and parcel of life. Time to zzz...