03 February 2015

Reunited in Bangkok!

Day three is marked with much excitement as we start the day meeting with Khun Kob. It's been 10 months (?) since I last saw her and we had much to catch up.  It was very difficult to meet up with my ex colleagues too in the volatile times when the company was pending a m&a to the final takeover

I missed working very much with my ex- regional colleagues,  perhaps because the relationship bond and trust is built over the 2+ years I were there. Now having to start anew, it sure take some getting used to...

Khun Kob brought hubby and me to her favorite restaurant Coffee Beans by Dao at Central World and we are overwhelmed by her generosity! She joked that her lunch buddies do not let her order as she oftens over-order but I support her standpoint that it is better to have sufficient or more than too little. This is especially difficult when I arrange team meals with budget constraints, and consideration of a variety of dietary restrictions and preferences too. After all as Chinese, abundance is auspicious!

The food is very good, we had many appetizers (rice roll with minced meat and a spicy dip, chicken wings), noodle dishes (seafood oyster sauce horfun, fried egg noodle kuay teow), a Thai soup (sour seafood broth with coconut milk), etc They joked that I was braved enough to try some spicy dishes... Hubby said not spicy! oh well, as long as I have water on standby! Other than good food (in this case, too much good food haha), good company always makes everything taste better

When it was time to part, I was somewhat reluctant to say goodbye. It was easier to bid farewell over a mass email on the last day of work... but farewell in person was never easy. I hope we would have chances to meet again, be it in Bangkok or Singapore or somewhere else :)

Coffee Beans by Dao (Central World)
Central World Bldg., Room E216 2FL., Zone E-Eden 
Ratchadamri Rd., Pathumwan, 
Bangkok 10330 
Tel. 02-6131530-1