08 March 2015

the amazing thing about the way it goes

it was thursday 8.45pm, I can't really recall what I did before then but I found myself at the library. It had been some time I was here (i.e. a couple of weeks... if that meant a couple of months or even years for you, I would suggest visiting the branch at Bras Basah or Woodlands)

looking for any unread issues of Beadwork or Bead & Button.. and there was the library announcement that I had 15 minutes till the library closes for the night. With the unsuccessful magazine treasure hunt, I made the beeline for my usual 745.59

I stopped in front of the new books section instead, thinking which beading book haven't I read/browse in that particular library branch (pictures are a priority as they act as a visual stimuli and I can configure the colors and techniques in my mind... very much so like Cassandra from The Librarians tv drama, except that I don't literally see things and dont have a brain grape and Hubby will die laughing if I wear purple tights under a demin shorts jumper... I have a kooky sense of fashion too)

And so I picked up this new book "The Amazing Thing about the Way it Goes" (somehow I sense there are issues with my capitalisation, erm..my current company is that strict though I haven't perfected the company's perfectionism (if there's such a word) when I'm pretty much a perfectionist myself)

The book was by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee whom described herself in the chapters as not sporty, not the Barbie Doll pretty sense, succumbed to peer pressure and low self esteem in her adolescent years... etc.

While reading the book from cover to cover, it resonates that we had many similarities.. except that the unsporty me can't even mount a bicycle (unless with training wheels), I dont have 3 kids (unless you count the 6 hamsters I adopted... yes, brought home another 4 on Friday), and I cant knit or crochet no matter how many times I tried (but I'm pretty darn good at beadweaving)

I decided not to send the author an email after her chapter on emails management :) but if she ever read my blog post, I want to thank her for making me feel better about myself today... as I understand I'm not odd for dressing funny and hiding in the library in town witha book in my hands... because growing up till now, I often feeled singled out for being "not typical" as I enjoy my own company, dont speak up in classes (parties still intimidate me), dress for comfort, perfectly ok with my round tummy, no longer wear contact lenses to look pretty, have short/long natural curl/rebonded hair because it's really none of anyone else's business, enjoy repeatedly going to Taiwan so much (booked trip #9 for end April and #10 for October... Jetstar, your promotion rocks!) etc

Gradually I learnt to love the misunderstood kooky for me :)

(Typing on my old samsung s3 at the national library, pardon any spelling mistakes)