11 April 2015

meet grey, kpo, macho, cb, itchy

in February, we 'rescued' a grey male sapphire winter white and a brown (i think she's a campbell) female hamster when a neighbour dumped them in a dirty tiny tank cage left beside the rubbish bin at our hdb void deck.

i started watching youtube videos and reading online on hamster care. i learnt they have about 2 years' life span and i worried. i dont know how old they are and they might die anytime from the rough treatment they might have been given earlier. grey was gentle and allowed us to stroke his back and hold him. brown was edgy and bitten me once.

someone in the family thought it was funny to introduce beer to the hamsters. maybe the person was already tipsy. brown had an unfortunate shower of tiger beer. i was really pissed. i put her in a container with a 1cm layer of water and watched her clean herself. i then wrapped her in lots of tissue paper to dry her up and gave her some treats.

in March, i decided to adopt another 4 winter whites from a fellow carousell-er. this previous owner was very nice and showed me how to pick up the hamsters etc. he offered the hamsters to me free and provided the cages. but the cages were very small.

initially all 4 hamsters looked alike to me. one of them came in a pair and we let them remained as a pair, housed in a new bigger cage. the other two were in kept separate cages. so you could imagine from 0 to 2 to suddenly 5 cages sitting in mum's tv area. the strong hammie smell was an unfortunate result.

another someone in the family suggested a social experiment of mixing the hamsters together to make 'friends'. despite my protests that hamsters are mostly solidarity creatures and if paired up they are paired up young, no one seems to give a damn on my research. so grey was introduced to the male of the pair which was "so cute" and grey got attacked. that someone just watched in shocked while i had to use both hands to pry the little monsters away from each other. grey bled at two spots, recovered physically but never mentally. till this day, he is fearful when we stroke him. no longer gentle grey.

one day, the pair escaped... someone forgotten to close the cage properly. i was very pissed and worried for the female who might be pregnant as they mated just a couple of days ago (to our horror and amusement at the same time). again, i began online researching on how to get the hamsters back and what to do if the hamster is pregnant. so i laid a trap and only the female returned. the male was... sadly found drowned in a hole leading to a water drain. we also started crumpling newspapers to block any holes.

till this day, no one dared to admit as the culprit of the disaster, for fear of my wrath. i tried to convince myself to feel slightly better as the one which died was the one who attacked grey. but it was a life after all and i was very much a responsible pet owner unlike my family members.

after a few more episodes of crazy family members included super loud noises that even shocked me, i decided to take things into my own hands. these remaining 5 hamsters are no longer family pets, but MY hamsters. on advice from fellow youtubers, i moved them the hamsters to my side of the house. Four hamsters went into individual larger bin cages with 17m wheels and kaytee clean & cozy bedding. We later managed to pair two of the winter whites who made a din when on heat. only brown remained in a large two-storey cage as she loves to climb up and down. this old hamster can shame any men trying to do chin ups.

i learned the characteristics of each hamster and named them.. except for grey as that name stuck on him. brown became kpo for her constant inquisitiveness, the larger male winter white hamster became macho, the bitchy female white white hamster became CB (i enjoy SGAG), and the scratchy/sickly looking winter white hamster became LDY for 林黛玉 - which subsequently became itchy when we found out that 'she' was actually a he after showcasing his testicles to us the entire day while playing on the wheel (another episode of horror and amusement).

and here they are
(the photos are a mixture of before and after changing their habitats)

always lazy and sleeping

grey in his new habitat, he loves to hide in tunnels or sleep on his side on the wheel (like a curled up shrimp)

kpo brown
she has a weird way of eating baby corn hehe

grey and kpo brown
the holes on the leaves were caused by kpo brown
she enjoys sitting on top of the leaves to eat, didn't manage to catch that in photo

LDY then itchy
the smallest of the winter whites

itchy underwent a phase where "she" bit off "her" fur at the bottom
i began to buy hamster sand and softer bedding
and started research on all sorts of hamster sickness that might caused this
i worried day and night for "her" sudden death

itchy's fur has gone back and yes you can see that itchy is actually a boy
itchy can also be named lazy, cos he loves to lie on his back to drink from his water bottle (like a baby!) and hugging his veges to eat while on his back too. the other day i witnessed him lying on his back on the wheel, sucking his little paws greedily.. i thought he might have been dreaming! so cute! then i saw something in his paws... he moved the little sunflower sweet in and out of his mouth, like sucking on a lollipop. and then i hear him opening the sunflower seed. after he finished with this, he used his right paw and push his cheek, and out pops another sunflower seed to his left paw... and he did all these while closing his eyes!

macho (below) and cb together
macho is quite a tender loving boyfriend, he puts up with all the bitchy antics of cb and allows her to steal his food etc. but macho can be quite fierce to me when fed late (on my late nights at work).. he will snatch the food from my hands and give me a pissed off look

macho and cb together

cb chewing on a piece of caixin

only CB, itchy and brown loves to sleep in this "dead cockroach" style, it's no wonder why we thought the smallest size itchy was actually a girl! these 2 photos are of CB, she was awoken briefly after i took 10 shots of her, turned back on to her tummy and continue sleeping

macho and his sexy smoldering look!


this is probably the funniest shot of macho i got.. he was sitting as a blur-look fatso on his wheel and sit there waiting for me to take his pic. in fact i think macho is the only one who enjoys taking a photo!

and RIP to the un-named one (photo with CB)