17 May 2015

3 reasons to sit beside the Boss at company events

During the Oscars 2015, Neil Patrick Harris took the spotlight to the seat fillers and interviewed a couple of them, including a bearded Steve Carell.

While many people find ways and means to be seat fillers at popular events including the Oscars and Academy Awards, they tend to shun the management during company functions.

I do observed most of my colleagues prefer to sit at the back of the room, away from the management, mostly for the awkward lack of conversation topics (and of course there are those opposite few who would magnetize themselves to the boss, for every opportunity to enhance their visibility)

As for me? I am the unofficial seat filler - who would move her butt to take the empty seat beside the boss at company dinners or at the front row of a town hall meeting.

I am not the most sociable person in the universe and my gut reaction would always be to hit the nearest seat to the exit. But it is definitely unpleasant to leave the seat to the left and to the right of your boss empty in the conference room.

At company events where I know the definite number of audience, I would purposely put the exact number of seats so that the latecomers would be 'punished' to take the 'undesired' leftover seats.

However it's not always a bad thing to sit near the management during such events, and here are some reasons I can think of:

3 reasons to sit beside the Boss at company events:

1. Confidence Building

While I am a shy introvert, such occasions do 'force' me to think and open my 'golden' mouth to ask or share with those at the table, including the simple 'How was your weekend?' By taking a personal interest in the conversations, this helps to 'humanize' the management and makes me think 'they are not that scary after all'

2. Insider jokes

I have been exposed to many insider jokes amongst the management, including nicknames they have for one another. It is not true that the management does not know how to have fun. I have seen bosses boogie with the employees at the dance floor and during Xbox game challenges at the workplace.

3. Updates

This is often where I get the latest information on projects/tasks in the pipeline, as well as updates on existing projects/tasks. Especially where your boss has a big team and forgets that he has not updated you on a particular project/task.

If you can think of other reasons why you would want to sit beside the Boss at company events, do share in the comments