17 May 2015

april/may update

From my last post to now, Macho and CB are now parents to 3 baby hamsters (2 white and 1 black). They could have been parents to 4 but unfortunately one died after day two when CB left it in a corner and forgot to breastfeed it :( Nonetheless, CB is a very loving and patient mother to the 3 babies. She is also more receptive to having my hand in her bin-cage as I helped to use a spoon to scoop her days-old babies towards her during the initial days. The 3 babies have grown beautiful thick fur coats and opened their bright eyes a few days ago.

While not much changes to the other hamsters, we do observe Grey getting much older... the geriatric hamster seems to have very poor eyesight and bladder.. often making a terrible mess in his bin-cage and sand-box. He is also getting more aggressive, perhaps partly not being able to see us putting food in the cage for him. Even so, we still loved this once-abandoned hamster the dearest and hope that we have gave it his best home before he say goodbye one day. Everyday I will call his name gently to wake him, and if he doesnt move, I would check if his body has turned stiff :(

Hamsters aside, the past month has been tough on my health. I had a one week business trip in Kuala Lumpur, followed by a short vacation to Taiwan. Perhaps I did not have much rest leading up to the business trip and during the business trip itself, I didn't enjoyed as much in Taipei and became down with a runny nose and weak body very soon. My boss' boss also visited from Switzerland, and it was the second time I've met her and unfortunately fallen sick too. My recovery was slow with the freezing temperatures at the workplace. I think I might have scared my new C&B teammates as a health hazard... opps!

I think I finally recovered today after having Coca-cola for 4 consecutive days ^_^

We also had the pleasure to meet up with Carrie during our short trip in Taiwan - just recently when she was last in Singapore, she had gastric flu after visiting a Thai restaurant. Poor girl..

Our new house at Chinatown is in the midst of renovation, and we would be moving on May 30 (woohoo!!) it has been a tiring long wait to get a cosy nest to ourselves again...!

Hmm... this time i have to ensure Andy doesnt encroach on all the land area with his shoes! hehe.. Oh, I only packed two boxes of my clothes so far.. still got lots to go.. argh!

Also, his sister is getting married tomorrow! And we have to be at my in-laws place at 4am >_<

Etsy admin is also coming to town, hoping to catch up with them and fellow crafters in Singapore this coming Sunday. I haven't been focusing much on my Etsy shop other than renewing expiring posts. Sales have been slow too while I have been catching up on DIY and beading on Youtube. Now crazy about "What's up Mom" and "Threadbanger" channels

busy busy busy!

ok, need to start ironing for tomorrow's big day. hope to catch up soon :)