20 September 2015

Awesome In Progress

I'm always reinventing myself as I do not like to be stagnant. I have often been asked about my career switch from marketing to human resources, and how I moved from small local firms to well-known multinational corporations.

Hence have created a new category 'Awesome In Progress' as a platform to share my observations about the corporate world as well as my journey to personal excellence. I previously blogged in a secondary blog, but found it difficult to maintain two blogs and hence have merged my sharing into this personal blog

Here's my second motivational quote in pictorial form. The text actually came from my earlier blog post :)

The common saying goes "when one door closes, another opens". Rather than waiting for doors to close or open, I like to think that I am the one opening a door or closing it shut. Rather than waiting for opportunities to knock, proactively create possibilities for yourself