25 May 2015

Building Your Personal Brand

At the #EtsyMeetsSingapore Sellers Meetup today, Matt posed a question to the audience to find out how many fellow sellers work on our personal brand. I was surprised that few put up our hands.

At the workplace,  I find it important to have a personal brand too. Just like Matt and Anna shared today, a personal brand can be a few words that best describe your Etsy shop style.

And similarly, your personal brand at work can be a few words that your boss/exboss/coworker/client/supplier would describe you (familiar interview question?)

If someone I worked with will describe me, I think they would say:

- data monster/police/wizard
(depends on how receptive they are to regular HR data cleanup emails...)

- stubborn/integrity
(again, depends on the mindset. I am fiercely principled to what I believe in but remains open to feedback and other perspectives. I am often quiet and speaks up when I feel the pressing need to)

- crazy neat freak/efficient and organized
(while I can work in organized mess at home, I need things to be in order so that I have what I need at my finger tips. Especially when upper management often need things "yesterday")

I'll add on more to the list some other day

So how about you? How would someone describe you at work?