23 May 2015

I share the biggest fear as Unilever CEO Paul Polman

"My biggest fear is that I become useless or less useful by not being up to date—be it with technology, be it with changing consumers, be it with changing global situations. You continuously have to have a little level of paranoia that forces you to set the bar higher every day."

It is not everyday that you read the news and find something common with one of the great leaders in the world. Today I discovered I share the biggest fear as Unilever CEO Paul Polman.

This is the reason why I emphasize on learning everyday, not staying stagnant but to be reinventive. At the workplace, this could mean finding a new way to do a report efficiently. In the day to day life outside work, this could mean trying a new bus route to get to your destination.

You may want to jot down at least one thing you learn each day. This can make for interesting coffee talk.

News article source: Washington Post