25 June 2015

Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself

Some people are just so rude

I recently joined a renowned forum to get more online “exposure”. I do not deny that it started with a MLM briefing to generate leads online. When the moderator post the warning on my forum signature link, I quickly took it down, apologized and read the forum rules.

It’s been a long time since I was active in forums. Back in my university days, I was active in HWZ EDMW, FlowerPod, Cozy Cot, Pushcart forums, etc (my nick: pokerface).

When the Nicoll Highway collapsed, we were alerted with news and photos from fellow forum members even before the mainstream media reported of it. The forums became where I search for information and learn about latest news. In the forums, we were sincere and share our experiences. Sometimes we poke fun at each other.

However times has changed. People can be so mean. People can be so rude.

When I have terrible times at work, I now learnt that I can no longer participate in forums as an online escape. Showing genuine concern and giving sincere advice are downplayed. Keyboard warriors flinging their swords and daggers. It would be ‘safer’ for me to keep to Facebook where I share and speak to people I know, rather than to these online strangers.

As for MLM, I chose to join Jeunesse recently because I like what I see and hear.

You need not take in 100% of what other people shared. You don’t know them personally. And even family and those friends you know personally, if you’re like me, I also don’t take in 100% of what they say. Haha!

This is my first MLM entrepreneurial venture. I have been exposed to other MLMs, though never signed up before. My parents and aunt were previously distributing for Herbalife and Tupperware– I didn’t sign up. A college friend is still with Amway, pulled me to a few events, I tried several Artistry products – not impressed, and didn’t sign up. I’m a RIS and SEM Coaching student of Fabian Lim, he shared on Eumora soap bars – not impressed either, and didn’t sign up. I’m not going to share much about Jeunesse at this point of time as I just joined not long ago. Too new to tell.

I prefer to dip my toe in the water to test whether it’s hot or cold – had a few small entrepreneur endeavors from renting those cube spaces to setting up booths at flea markets and bazaars to sell my handmade jewelry. I do not like financial risks that I cannot afford in the short run and in the long run.

Whether MLM (or even making and selling beaded jewelry) works for you, it’s up to your personal choice. I do not like to force-sell, push people to join/try/listen.

As with Confucius' teaching, “Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself