20 June 2015

how did u spend today?

I started out the day going to Bishan mrt to sell my old laptop. I was surprised it was sold in less than 30 minutes after i posted in carousell app last night.

Hubby shared that is because i put the price very low. I debated that many people offered at 1/3 of my asking price, this was the best offer i had and i was ok to go to bishan since it was just a couple of stops from somerset - my afternoon destination.

and i had my sinful meal at popeyes, mentally lamenting the agonizing work week i has

i then participated at the Makers Market at TripleOne Somerset. I was punctual and set up my handmade jewellery booth. I was not optimistic to sell out but I hoped to cover the rental of $30.

My brother popped by. Despite a long queue forming outside for the Space Invasion, he agreed that there was no crowd at the handmade area. He added the organizers probably did a bad job at publicity and that I should file a complaint and get my money back.

But i told him the organizers did not mention a guaranteed crowd. I also decided to join this market on my own accord.

Seeing other vendors pack up to leave, we stayed till 4pm instead of official 7pm closing time

I made no sales today but i spent minimal rental and a fruitful discussion time with my brother. I think that is money well spent.

my brother invited me to join him at to the world juggling day event, organized by the juggling interest group from Kallang community centre - Bornfire Community Circus

it was an eye opener to see him and his friends in the lively alley along spottiswood park road/everton park. There was music, there were mini funfair games and there were performances. they also had a juggling workshop where novices were shown step by step how to throw the balls

while I'm the non-sporty person who's not keen to try such physical-demanding activitites, I guess the fear of pain and embarrassment are the main deterrents for me to try something unfamiliar...

I took a refreshing walk home in the hot evening. As i past by the old shophouses, i thought to myself - i live in a place of history and culture.. i dont think i know much of this history and culture.. but somehow i do feel a little more cultured than before

In a while's time i will be heading to town to catch up with an old colleague

so how did you spent today?

my usual weekends are feeling crappy and bloated and lying on my bed till the sun burns me with its afternoon heat. With our recent house moving, it's been filled with unpacking and organizing - chores after chores

while today had its ups and downs, tomorrow the sun will rise again and another day begins

I learning to let go of my negative thinking as I felt very burdened between work and family in the past couple of years

I doubt my weekends will be filled with so many activities in a day again (it's tiring!)

but i hope to spend each day making decisions, learning, reflecting in my decisions, and ending on a positive note