25 June 2015

next steps

I probably haven't shared this before

In my pursuit to personal excellence, I have created a new blog to share my thoughts and experience

The blog link http://awesomeinprogress.blogspot.com stems from a pair of excolleagues, a group of underachievers, and a group of overachievers I met in the year

All in one way or another emphasized the need to be awesome in 2015. Specifically 2015

After a while, this motivated me to create a new blog and even renamed the blog link to exude awesomeness

The blog title Jack of all trades, Master of some reminds me of the defeatness mode I am sometimes in. I've been burnt out, defeated etc many times.

But at least I have mastery of some aspects in my personal life, worklife etc and I have achieved thus far... and I believe even more and faster with my new found motivator

There will always be skeptics anywhere - if you're one, please know that I don't need your negative energy :)

Hope you'll enjoy my sharing there too!

my new blog link: http://awesomeinprogress.blogspot.com

my new found motivation: