21 July 2015

BE THE CHANGE you want to see in this world

"Be the change you want to see in this world " Mahatma Gandhi 

The world is full of noise. From empty promises to utter bullsh*t.

Just because talk is cheap.

We say that action speaks louder that words, but how many of us can truly do that?

For leaders to attain the trust and respect of their followers or employees, they ought to lead by action. And as Gandhi said, leaders ought to be the change they want to see in their world.

Don't be afraid to ask for clarity 

If you do not have the end destination in mind, you may be the shepherd that dangerously leads his sheep to a pack of wolves! Be clear what the end goal is (it may be achieving the company sales target of USD 1 million or the implementation of a new system at work), then be clear how you and your team will get there.

You are the leader, you need to give the guidance. If you are unsure, go find out. Go ask. Go Google. Just don't turn around and tell your sheep that "I don't know". If that happens, what will you do? Huddle your team together and cry?

And it doesn't matter if sometimes the original way to get there is blocked. You can always make a detour or a U-turn. You can always regroup and take the next best strategy/solution. Just don't spend all the time thinking and thinking and missing the optimal time to act. I have shared previously on strategic planning.

Don't be afraid to step up

I have never been a born leader. As I looked back, I often stepped up to fill leadership roles when leadership is absent. During school assignments, I would eventually claim the consolidation task so that I will have the last purview before submission. In my HR roles in various Fortune 500 companies I would claim the data accuracy role where everyone else hates, and now earn myself the "fear" of fellow HR colleagues when I "haunt" them about their missing or incorrect data. Talk about making an impact!

Where there is a void in leadership, don't be afraid to step up so that you can influence or direct the change towards your desired end results. Don't step up if you have ill intentions. Always think of the big picture, to lead the entire team towards success. My team assignments at school often get the highest scores. University and SHRI teammates can attest to that.

Don't be afraid to fall behind

In a race, I believe in pushing the person ahead of me to go faster. I don't want my leaders and mentors to be dragged down waiting for me to catch up. I'd rather they be 10 steps ahead, cheering for me and guiding me when to jump and which stones to avoid stumbling upon.

Leverage on the guidance of your leaders and mentors. They are likely to have experienced the same things as you are experiencing now. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Don't be afraid to be hungry

No matter how downtrodden a person's current condition is, I have never heard of him/her not desiring to improve his/her living conditions, social status, wealth, appearance, etc. Each and every second, there is this hunger to improve ourselves, even if we don't realize it.

Some people have a bigger hunger to make changes to their current situation. The bigger the hunger, the more determined they are to make a transformation to their life. They may not get there as fast, but they will surely get there.

Last week I attended the first Jeunesse University in Kuala Lumpur, and amongst the various speakers, I found myself listening to a familiar message throughout.

"The bigger your WHY, the more likely you'll succeed."

As I listened to the presentations of the many successful businessmen/women, I find this same message repeated time and again with different words and description. Could this very well be the secret of success?

One of these successful women was Ivie Low who shared her story as a single mum struggling to make ends meet. Ivie and her child stayed in rentals for years. She persevered in direct selling with Jeunesse Global and finally succeeded in achieving a Diamond rank. Ivie shared she never dreamt she could afford to buy a house. And the most significant moment for her was when she realized she has finally provided a 'permanent' shelter for her child.

Don't be afraid to be honest to yourself

Tom Panos shared that "Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong"

I thought I had my dream job, earning SGD 5,500 monthly, working in a global role in a multinational company with more than 200,000 employees. But after months of self-denial, I finally gave myself an ultimatum, pluck up my courage to quit my job for the sake of my family and my worsening health.

Having time with your family is not the same when your mind is not with them.

And having all the wealth in this world will never buy you back your good health.

Be the change you want to see in this world

If I want to be the change I want to see in this world, how I am going to do it?

By taking baby steps.
One step at at time towards my end goal.

Don't be afraid to ask for clarity 

I am clear of what I want to achieve and why I want to achieve my end goal. The question is how to achieve it, and that's something I have to work on. I'm glad that I need not work on this alone, I will have the guidance of my mentors.

I once joked with another member who has been messaging me 1:1 many many questions but not asking her sponsor.. I told her that when she signed up, her sponsor earned something, so don't let her sponsor earn it for nothing! Because we are babies with no knowledge and experience, we have to learn to leverage.

And to be clear, my priorities are in order
  1. happiness
  2. health
  3. wealth

Don't be afraid to step up

When there are new lost sheep in our chat group, I am not afraid to give guidance. I do my own research and spend more than 2 hours a day studying the guides, watching the videos etc.

Though I may not be completely correct with my advice at times, I am not afraid to be wrong, because we learn from our mistakes, and thankfully we have responsive mentors to guide us.

Also, when we don't ask and don't say, our mentors may not know that we don't know. Afterall, we don't know what we don't know.

Don't be afraid to fall behind

Compared to those who join Jeunesse Global on the same date, I had been submitting a zero report card until my mind open during the short 2 days in Jeunesse University.

If people from all walks of life could do it, surely me a university graduate who has worked in numerous Fortune 500 companies (no matter how 'minion' level positions I held) could achieve something.

One of my biggest motivator was the testimony of Alvn Phua, who overcome all odds and regained his health (though not 100%) and he achieved today's success without any friends, health and money to start with in the beginning.

After I shared my story (with much hesitance) on Facebook, I am humbled and encouraged by the overwhelming response of my friends. I am proud to share that this Wednesday I'm bringing 6 friends to understand what I want to do.

My only fear is that I may not keep the momentum, but I shall not be crippled by that fear.

Hubby also encouraged me today that even sales have lull periods. He was my first cynic when I told him I'm quitting, but I see that he is opening up to what I'll be doing through my genuine sharing with my friends on Facebook, through my determination to repair my health by drinking now 3 packs of RESERVE™ antioxidants each day and starting to eat supplements (I hate swallowing pills)

Don't be afraid to be hungry

I am not afraid to ask my mentors to guide me towards my end goal and keep me on track. I can be quite easily distracted, wanting to achieve all things at once. But catching up in the race and staying close to my mentors will act as my best discipline.

I don't intend to work more than 8 hours a day after leaving my job, so I need to focus on what matters most. If I fail, I will be honest to myself, and remind myself of why I wanted to do all this in the first place.

Like Robert Nhan declared "I'm going to go all the way, folks!", such is the determination I want to see in myself. I cannot reach for the stars yet, it's achievable but unrealistic in my current situation, so I have to take baby steps towards the first milestone.

Don't be afraid to be honest to yourself

I believe pouring my heart and thoughts out in both blogs will keep me accountable. Perhaps this is the only daring side of me, that I dare to do things online that my friends and family do not dare to. Maybe this is foolish, who knows?

As I said, leaders ought to lead by action.

I promote only things I dare to consume or use.

I suggest only the methods I've tried with success even if small success.

I guess being honest to myself and to people I care about is what accounts for the high trust for me in the workplace and in most relationships (that I give a damn about).

hope expect to see the results in my next endeavor.

Happy 33rd Birthday to me, another year of wisdom