12 July 2015

best time to visit taiwan

This week a colleague was stranded in Taiwan. Her flight was cancelled due to the typhoons.

That brings to mind why I never ever want to travel to Taiwan again in July

Couple of years back, we travelled the west side of the Taiwan peninsula from Taipei to Kaohsiung. We could not visit Pingtung then as the county had not recovered from the floods damage, thus missing the most southern part of Taiwan. During the journey along the northeastern coastline, we reached the northern most point of Taiwan but suffered a bad sunburnt. 

My sunburnt on my back and arms were so bad that I was lobster red for a full week! Hubby had to slather lots of aloe vera on me and be careful not to rub. I had to wear very loose clothing and had to work from home after my vacation as wearing a bra was hurting me so bad.

The result was two toned skin - the light color pale me, and the chao tar brown me. It was super obvious when I wore sleeveless clothes. My ex colleagues teased me for a long time.

But we all learnt not to visit Taiwan in July.

braving the summer heat at Shimen wedding plaza, Taipei in July 2012

That week we went registered high temperatures. It was a freaky weather week in between two weeks of typhoon. The week before and the week after were filled with strong winds and rain. The week we went had no rain and terrible heat.

So when is the best time to visit Taiwan? Is there a best month to visit Taiwan?

My personal opinion?

I like visiting Taiwan in October and November. 

While you may think it's going to be very cold, it actually isn't. The few times I'm there in October and November, I can wear shorts snd singlets and my trusty Haviana flip flops and wander round Ximending. And packing light means more luggage space for my shopping!

I'm lucky too that there were no rain during my travels those months :D Our travels to Taiwan are often dampened (clothes and spirits) during Jan-Mar travels.

This period is just before the school holidays kick in. It is usually easier for us to take leave during non-school holiday season.

If you are in Taiwan on October 10, join in their "National Day" celebrations! Hubby and I once snuggled with the crowd at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall to watch performances of giant lanterns and fireworks with Taipei 101 building in the backdrop. Fantastic!

If you are not sure where to stay in Taiwan, do visit my blog post: http://wendyboey.blogspot.com/2014/09/where-to-stay-in-taipei-taipei-hotels.html