28 July 2015

How We Do Anything is How We Do Everything

Just 2 days ago, I chided some folks in our e commerce support chat group and shared my experience in Facebook

This morning I read the posts in our e commerce support chat group, a member was "hounding" another member if he means we can post Jeunesse pictures in our own web and show cheaper prices? I have read similar posts in our chat group previously, and decided to post a food for thought today

"Dear all, think about this. If we draw in bargain hunters to get our premium products cheap, you make sales in the short run but you don't make profits in the long run. Be clear of your intention when you join Jeunesse. Is it to build long term wealth or just make a few quick bucks?"

If I just want to make some quick bucks, I will just hound all the people I know in my contact lists to "buy lah, please buy, support me, very please?!" But I don’t do this because hard-selling is what I don't like about the traditional MLM mindset. What I don't like, I don't do to people I care about, and I hope you don’t do that to me too 

I learnt from my Jeunesse mentors that how we do anything is how we do everything. Like how I perform my duties at work, I go find out or ask someone to teach me, then I try first and then I show my colleagues how to do. That’s because I super detest what my first HR manager tell me “hmm.. I don’t know leh, you go find out then you teach me, can?” -_- who’s the boss huh? (DT folks, you know who I’m talking about LOL)

By testing whether the products work on myself, I become a good testimony when my family and friends notices the change in my health and skin condition. Now I go around showing my friends my recovering fingers (I know it can be pretty gross when I show you during our makan sessions haha, pai seh ah!)

By sharing in Facebook what I learnt and applied with my elementary online marketing efforts in Agoda and Jeunesse, my friends themselves come and contact me via FaceBook, Whatsapp, ask me out to tell me they are interested to learn and try for themselves. For my friends who have attended the workshop and not interested to pursue Jeunesse, they themselves can tell you I don’t insist they join. As I said time and again, my message is not for everyone. Just like how my brain auto shuts down when I hear politics and history

For those friends who interested to pursue Jeunesse but not sure how to do it, you can ask them if I insist them to join on the spot? No. I tell them go home to think about it, I can send them more information to make an informed decision, and we can meet up another time to discuss how to do this business together. Of course if they sign up on the spot, I earn a bonus right away by introducing them to the business, but what for do I want to profit when you end up regretting what you don’t know you sign up for? Right? When you’ve sign up, whether I like you or not :P we’re in this business together

I like the Jeunesse model where we work on building our wealth together as a team. I did NOT learn from my Jeunesse mentors how to sell and make sure everyone who attends our workshop must sign up. I learn from them how to market things online that I can use not just for Jeunesse but for my bead jewelry business and other future business too.

And within my one month, I am surprise to say this – but I learn from my Jeunesse mentors character building, how to be unselfish – something I can say my 10+ years at work have not teach me. The corporate world teach me success is achieved by stepping (and sometimes jumping) on any stepping stones I can find, and it doesn’t matter if I care about the stepping stone in the future when I succeed.

Remember how we do anything is how we do everything. And thank you Jeunesse mentors for leading by being the change you want to see in this world :)