23 August 2015

Uncomfortable in my own skin

Do not let other people make you uncomfortable in your own skin. Despite my career choices in marketing and human resources, I always found a way back to be myself. Examples:
  • handling customer service and inquiries behind the phone or computer screen
  • data entry of particulars of members/employees
  • specializing in HR information systems thanks to my skills in data administration (think of this in the positive light)
I recently chanced upon network marketing when attending an internet marketing talk. While the internet marketing portion of the talk was not all that useful for me (since I'm already learning about basic IM), I was happy to be introduced to the products which has helped me with eczema and tummy bloatedness. I wasn't looking for a solution actively, but they were issues that haunted me for some time. I ended up joining Jeunesse to buy the products at a distributor price, I can save about SGD 60 per bottle of Luminesce serum or Reserve antioxidants pack. 

With my "joblessness" soon, I decided to attend the trainings to check if this might be a viable option for me to earn passive income, together with other affiliate marketing/IM options (haven't got down to writing my ebook either). I also went on a brief overseas trip to learn about the fellow distributors, how they are like and how they conduct their business. The network marketing industry has a mixed reputation, and I wouldn't want to mix with the wrong crowd at this time in life. Like what my university lecturer Sherman shared, the  most important aspect he looks for in someone is Integrity, and it is important to me to conduct my businesses ethically and with a clear conscience.

I learnt much from the trainings, from motivational positive thoughts to why some people earn a lot of money while soon don't - even though with the exact same company, same products and same compensation plan. What I learn later, I was not that comfortable. It seems the key to success for these top earners is to recruit fellow distributors into their team, and they have to do this fast - XX number of people in XX days - so as to build up a momentum. The illustration was how a plane takes off, it requires 100% boost.

While the products are effective and worked for me (as well as hubby and mum so far), I am not in the mode to hard-sell or push products or the distributor package. This defeats my 'ideology' of internet marketing in the first place. 

I think it is important to have your own mind when it comes to business. I may not agree 100% with what my teachers in school taught. I may not agree 100% with what my pastors in church preached. I may not agree 100% with what my bosses say. I can try my best, but I have to do it my way. I want to conduct my business being comfortable in my own skin.