11 September 2015

10th day

A summary of my "unemployed" life 
The first 10 days - September 1 to 10

During my recuperation period, I should not spend too much time on repetitive actions like typing on keyboard or beadweaving or even painting.

Hence to complete 40 cm x 50 cm paint-by-numbers canvas within 10 days, it came as a surprise to many. It was no easy feat as my arms and neck were in pain most of the time. It was easy though to match the numbers on the canvas to the numbers on the paint tubes, and start applying paint. The challenge came when I had to paint narrow areas, and when I painted over some numbers. I wouldn't say I matched every number with the correct paint, but the outcome look pretty good to me! hehe..

I did not paint every day. On the days I painted, I made sure I took time to rest my hands.

On the days I were out of the house, I attended training, met up with my JC friends as well as fellow internet marketers. I went to the movies on my own and caught Hitman Agent 47. Was surprised that there were so many scenes shot in Singapore, and I got to say... Singapore looks so beautiful in the film :)

I also took time to go grocery shopping, and bought quinoa and many vegetables and mushrooms. It was my first time cooking quinoa, and it turned out slight soupy as the chicken stock was not absorbed totally. Following cooking instructions from various Youtube videos, I added 2 cups of liquids to 1 cup of quinoa, then simmer for 15 minutes. Oh well.

I wanted to get crab sticks or tofu fish cakes when at the supermarket last night. But I was surprised to see monosodium glutamate MSG as a key ingredient too. Guess I have to pay more attention to the labels
Warm quinoa salad with 3 mushrooms, 3 veges, tuna in olive oil, egg, chicken stock
On the days I prefer to stay at home, I watched episodes of Ellen and Dr Oz, as well as local dramas including Tanglin and Sealed with a Kiss. As I do not have the extensive Starhub Cable Television subscription now, I do occasionally miss 511 AXN. We also often caught up on local news, especially during this period of 'election fever'

I also spend more time keeping an eye on my 4 pesky hamsters. Each of them have a different temperament.

Grey Grey has poor eye sight and is often jumping on anything that moves. So I make sure I call out to him before putting my hands into his cage. He also consumes water faster than the other three hamsters.

Papa Macho can be quite temperamental, at times he wants you to stroke his back, and at times he gives you the cold death stare "don't you dare touch me!" He is losing some fur at the bottom of his body. I often joked that he is pulling out his chest hair like the Hulk while shouting "I'm Macho!" Mum says Jimmy (son of Macho and CB) is also losing fur and looking pinkish. Perhaps it's a winter white male thing?

Mama CB is the escape artiste, and will make a creaking noise when you come near her when she's lying on her back. Perhaps she is saying "don't disturb me!" I have also given her a maze of plastic tubes which she enjoys hiding in. She is the most active of my hamsters now... I wonder how is Brown Brown doing?

And of course our baby Peanut... she is a little... hmm.. should we say mentally underdeveloped? Whenever she poos, she lets it dry on her fur and the poo gets stuck onto her fur opps! Her body is also growing back fur after applying organic coconut oil on the affected balding areas. We also noticed that she wobbles when walking. Mum and Hubby say I have spoilt her too much. When growing up, I often hand fed her and helped to flip her over when she's struggling to turn. Haiz. But it is also this closeness that Peanut is not afraid of us and allow us to pick her up easily

Caught in the act! Mummy Hamster CB with her huge innocent eyes, nibbling on the toilet roll cardboard hehe.. 

As for the house, I have not started much unpacking. Did the usual housework including laundry, ironing and picking up trash from my front and back yards which my upstairs neighbors have repeatedly thrown down. And they splashed even more water down today too. Sigh..

We were disappointed when HDB contacted us today to notify the rejection of our application to build an extended roofing for our yards. It is unfair that our neighbors on the same floor had such extended roofing. It is worse when we have unruly upstairs neighbors who are throwing all sorts of trash into our yards on purpose.

NEA 'forced' us to move our pink waterproof cupboard indoors as an upstairs neighbor deemed it eye sore (yes, those were the words the NEA officer told me repeatedly). Apparently the neighbor complained it trapped water and were growing mosquitoes. The same neighbour also complained to NEA that our yards were dirty. We assured the NEA officer on two occasions there was no stagnant water on and in the cupboard. I even stayed home the first three days in September before cleaning the yards - no mosquito bites. Wonder what we did wrong to deserve such neighbors. Already we were trying to resolve the issue on our own by forking out large sums of money to do the extended roofing and now our application is rejected :(

To add on to uncontrollable negatives, the haze has worsened today. When I switched on the television in the evening, it showed a 3-hour PSI reading of 160. As I was chatting with friends in Facebook, the PSI reading refreshed and showed 174. Then I looked at my Twitter feed, the Straits Times states it's already 187!

It's scary how the 3-hour PSI reading risen so fast within minutes. Perhaps time lag in mass media communication? It is Polling day tomorrow. I hope the haze will lessen. My eyes have been itchy and and either very dry or teary, and my nose occasionally sniffing

OK back to the positives. Must live my life positively

For my online projects, I added new posts to this blog on my previous travel adventures and was amused when the analytics for this week improved compared to last week's :) I also created a Facebook group "Blogging for Beginners" to share on my blogging experience and the learning. Meanwhile I have a lot of reading up to do - from improving my blogging to effective facebook marketing, etc. I hope I can write an ebook one day soon, so that I can offer more value to my blog readers. 

Whoever you are, thank you for reading my blog :) I have never imagined that I can reach a rough average of 200 audience per day! I had always thought the only people who are reading my blog was my mum... and the few friends I have directed to my blog whenever they are searching for itinerary information to Taiwan. I am currently planning for our mid-October trip, likely to cover Taichung (again! yeah!), Tainan (finally!) and then back to Taipei (hehe... definite destination). If there are things you would like me to cover in my blog, do connect with me via Facebook. Good night!