25 February 2015

Bead It Forward | Beading Charity Auction

Bead It Forward

The Bead-It-Forward project started in 2005, where donated squares of beadwork were sewn together into a beaded quilt and sold in a charity auction to raise funds for breast cancer awareness. 10 years later, this project is still going strong and fellow beaders are now preparing their beaded squares in an animal theme for 2015. You can find more about the project at http://bead-it-forward.com/about/

While I do not know anyone personally who is suffering from breast cancer, I understand that this form of cancer affects a high percentage of women. The Breast Cancer Foundation is a very active organisation in Singapore and I have been donating to the cause by buying and proudly wearing the pink ribbon pins every October. This year, I wanted to do something different.

I first came across the Bead It Forward project last year when I subscribed to Bead & Button’s Facebook page. When I got my hands on a particular issue of the magazine, I thought it was a wonderful project and the requirements were simple enough for most beaders to contribute (though I had a hard time trying to get Lacy’s Stiff Stuff in Singapore and managed to get it online through a fellow Etsy seller this year)

Beaded Panda Even Peyote Pattern | Designed by Wendy Boey
Contributing to Bead It Forward for the first time, I decided to create an original design – animal theme for 2015. The thought process was difficult when you have overwhelming flow of ideas – from a leopard print design to a giraffe’s face! When I finally decided on the panda that reminds me of Yuan Zai, the baby panda I saw in Taiwan Zoo, I had a hard time too planning the design in my mind as I beaded. I wanted it to be a baby panda eating  bamboo shoots, as my memories of Yuan Zai is… always eating! However, it was difficult to design the bamboo shoots with the limited grid (the square piece is to be 1.5 x 1.5 inches)

The above panda pattern is designed by me using even-count peyote stitch and a variety of Miyuki Delica beads:

Shiny black 3-cut hex delicas for the beaded panda’s ears, eyes and nose
Metallic grey-black matte delicas for the panda’s eyes
White matte delicas for the panda’s face
Pearl-like ceylon flush pink for the cheeks
Pearl-like ceylon yellow for the flower centers
Bright blue matte delicas for the flowers
Olive green matte delicas for the background
Even-count flat peyote is a rather easy stitch, and I do offer this pattern in my beading classes in Singapore.

I hope you can actively contribute to the breast cancer awareness cause too, whether through beading for Bead It  Forward or through donations to the non-profit organisations in your country. Do also visit the Bead It Forward project website for more information, or the Bead It Forward gallery to view the donated beadwork squares.