19 September 2015

Awesome In Progress | Creating my personal motivational quotes

I'm always reinventing myself as I do not like to be stagnant. I have often been asked about my career switch from marketing to human resources, and how I moved from small local firms to well-known multinational corporations.

I decided to share some of my observations about the corporate world as well as my journey to personal excellence. I previously blogged in a secondary blog, but found it difficult to maintain two blogs and hence have merged my sharing into this personal blog.

Lately I've been sharing a series of motivational quotes in social media to improve my positive thinking. By making friends aware of my desire for self-improvement, they become quick to rebuke me when I am talking negative :)

Now learning to share my thoughts in pictorial form. Things I learn when creating the above pictorial quote:

1. Hehuanshan in Taiwan is really beautiful. This photo was taken during our first trip there, and this is taken just along the road where our car stopped! hehe...

2. My Photoshop skills may have rust, but my artistic side still remains! The above image is created using Paint and PowerPoint!

3. A new way to share my nuggets of wisdom is through motivational quotes. Thank you Sam Choo of Singapore Internet Marketers for planting the idea seed, and of course for your guidance too!

I desire to grow further as a successful online entrepreneur. It has been an eventful day today. I knocked out with fatigue when I reached home. I am overwhelmed with emotions after meeting my ex colleagues and ex boss this afternoon. I had someone quit on me today. I received good news from a number of folks, including fellow online marketers and fellow networkers from different companies on their success. Thank you all for reminding why I do what I do

Don't give up

Keep shining brightly because your light can be the life giving source that rekindles the fading lights around you. Caroline Naoroji

* update on 1 October 2015:

[ Feedback Required ]

Hey everyone, caught up with a friend who thought that I should share my 'pearls of wisdom' in a more formal way so that people would know that I have a serious message to share.

I agree with my friend as these quotes are important learnings in my life journey. Thus this template using my previous quote.

Do let me know your thoughts, thanks!!

p/s: artwork done in powerpoint - so if you need to engage someone for ppt services, you know who to call!

The common saying goes "when one door closes, another opens". Rather than waiting for doors to close or open, I like to think that I am the one opening a door or closing it shut. Rather than waiting for opportunities to knock, proactively create possibilities for yourself