25 September 2015

Entrepreuner | Being a Business Owner

"I've never met an entrepreneur, successful or unsuccessful who failed, who was unhappy about the attempt - never did I hear regret" 
Barbara Corcoran
New York City Real Estate Queen and Shark Tank celebrity

I have never regretted my entrepreunership journey which started since 2003 during university years

I ran my businesses part time while coping with my studies and then while building a career. There were tough times when I had to pause my businesses totally in order to concentrate on my day job. Through juggling my day jobs and my businesses, I have grown as a person and I have learnt what I want in life

I may or may not return to the corporate workforce in time to come, but the online nature of my businesses will continue to provide me the supplementary income, the management experience and the joy of fulfillment and impacting lives

No matter how big or small....

Each Etsy sale tells me that somewhere around the world, someone is wearing a piece of beaded jewelry that I have personally handmade (and at times personally designed)

Each blog article read tells me that somewhere around the world, someone is opening his/her mind and trusting what I have to share about my travel experiences and life adventures (or if you prefer the conventional, my travel adventures and life experiences)

Each person I shared Jeunesse with tells me that somewhere around the world, someone is benefitting from the products with better skin and better health, and there's someone reflecting on how this business opportunity can define his/her life-changing moment with the incremental wealth and improved lifestyle

Don't leave this as a reflection of what you want. The only way to build a supplementary income which can become your passive income is by taking action