04 September 2015

Jinshan Old Street 金山老街 | Taiwan North Coast

Jinbaoli Old Street 金包里老街 is a hidden treasure trove about one and a half hour's drive from Taipei city. This place is also known as Jinshan Old Street as the district is Jinshan District 金山区. As with any "old streets" in Taiwan, you are in for a treat with traditional local delights.

Jinshan Duck Meat

Here, you must visit the famous duck meat store 金山鴨肉 at least once. In fact we visited here again another 2 times after hehe... Be it weekday or weekend, we always see a queue at the store, and have some difficulties finding seats

This famous duck store 金山鴨肉 is in front of the Guangan Temple 廣安宮.

At the store, just grab any dishes available that you feel like eating that day (other than duck meat). Then bring the dishes across the path to the seating area for your dining. It's like a self-service zichar store except no horfun no yeemin.

You can also order your beverages with the staff in the seating area. When you have completed your meal, do ask the staff for the bill. The store is usually open from 8.30am to 7pm

The famous duck meat
Pork intestines

Jinshan Old Street Snacks

As you walk along Jinshan Old Street, there are many shops open even on a weekday. From peddling traditional toys to dried seafood. 

We read a number of reviews on yam cake and baked yam. However I could not try any since I am allergic to yam (gives me rashes). 

Instead I tried the purple sweet potato 紅心蕃薯 that is baked and coated with malt candy and sesame seeds. Yummy!! The potatoes are warm and the malt candy gives it a crispy crunch. The vendor told us to keep it in the fridge if we have any leftovers at the end of the day - the cold version is supposedly more 'Q' (chewy). Recommended - we bought this again on our subsequent trips back to Jinshan :)

Shitou Mountain Park 獅頭山公園

After downing the calories, we decided to go for a walk at Shitou Mountain Park, which is about 5-10 minutes drive away. What I didn't realized when planning the itinerary... was that mountain meant slopes (opps!)

Despite the steep climb on a very hot day, the scaling was worth it! Not just in burning calories, but for the beautiful scenic view. We also saw some adorable statues along the way

Twin Candlestick Islets 燭臺雙嶼

At the top of Shitou Mountain Park, we also saw the Twin Candlestick Islets. The locals continue to call the islets as the Husband and Wife Rocks 夫妻石. These islets used to be part of the Jinshan Cape but were separated with plate movements. When the arch collapsed, the two vertical columns remained. Perhaps that is why the locals gave the islets the name implying steadfast love between a couple.